Our Technology

Milagro is leading the change in autonomous medical coding processes. Our cutting-edge technology eliminates the challenges associated with down coding, denials and the growing shortage of medical coders.
By leveraging the power of technology, we enable organizations to meet increasing coding demands while maintaining high levels of accuracy.

How it works


Milagro Clinical Language Understanding Engine is a game-changer in the field of medical coding, enabling accurate and precise coding through its advanced language comprehension capabilities.
Clinical language understanding refers to the ability of an AI system to comprehend and interpret the nuances and complexities of medical language used in patient records. This engine's robust algorithms analyze unstructured clinical text, extract relevant information, and accurately assign appropriate codes.
The high level of accuracy achieved through clinical language understanding is crucial as it ensures that the coded data reflects the true clinical picture of the patient, leading to accurate reimbursement and compliance with coding standards.

Reasoning Engine

Milagro Clinical Reasoning Engine is a revolutionary solution that empowers in-patient medical coding through advanced medical reasoning capabilities.
Medical reasoning refers to the process of analyzing and interpreting medical data, identifying patterns and making informed clinical decisions. With Milagro, this complex task is automated, allowing healthcare professionals to leverage the engine's sophisticated algorithms to extract meaningful insights from patient records.
By combining clinical expertise with AI-driven reasoning, Milagro enables accurate and efficient coding, ensuring compliance with coding guidelines and optimizing reimbursement. Experience the power of intelligent medical reasoning with Milagro, transforming the coding process and enhancing overall healthcare efficiency.

Real-time coding

Milagro sets a new standard in medical coding with its cutting-edge real-time capabilities. This real-time approach eliminates delays in coding and improves efficiency in healthcare workflows.
More importantly, it significantly reduces claim denials by ensuring that the coding aligns with coding guidelines and payer requirements from the start and eliminating approvals mismatches.
By proactively addressing potential coding errors and inconsistencies in real-time, Milagro minimizes the risk of denials, streamlines revenue cycles, and optimizes reimbursement.

Easy, simple integration, live within four weeks

Our integration process is designed to seamlessly fit into your current workflow, ensuring a smooth transition. With our proven and validated implementation methodology, we can have your hospital up and running within four weeks.

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