Unlock your Revenue Growth Potential with Autonomous Coding

Cut Denials and Enhance Efficiency with AI-based Surgical Coding

What we do

Milagro provides cutting-edge autonomous medical coding solutions.
Helping healthcare organizations recapture millions of lost revenues with a fully autonomous, highly accurate surgical coding platform.
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Virtually eliminate mismatches denials

Codes the surgical summary by using real-time mismatching identification

Up to 20% increase in revenues

Automatically finds missed opportunities to improve income with close to perfect accuracy (96%), even for your most complex cases. Identifying the correct CPT codes, including multiple procedures and modifiers, and relevant ICD codes

Cut your turnaround time

drastically cut your turnaround times from days to minutes, using embedded real-time automated processes

Reduce your coding costs

save up to 90% of your coders' costs using automated coding or increase efficiency and accuracy by providing them with the right recommendations

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