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Milagro is leading the change in autonomous medical coding processes. Our cutting-edge technology eliminates the challenges associated with down coding, denials and the growing shortage of medical coders. By leveraging the power of technology, we enable organizations to meet increasing coding demands while maintaining high levels of accuracy
Focusing on all of your ambulatory coding needs

Our Autonomous Surgical Coding Solution

Integumentary System
Nervous System
Respiratory System
Eye & Ocular Adnexa
Urinary System
The Milagro Surgical Coding Solution automates coding for ambulatory surgeries and procedures
Using your existing procedure summary notes, Anesthesia notes, H&P and the pathology report, our system identifies the correct CPT/HCPCS codes along with their appropriate Modifiers and the list of Diagnosis with more than 95% accuracy. Among others, our system automatically:
Identifies down coding due to humane errors and mismatches
Identifies potential denials related to discrepancies between authorized codes and performed codes

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Join the growing number of healthcare organizations that are transforming their coding operations with Milagro. Our advanced technology will help you overcome the shortage of coders, eliminate under coding and streamline your revenue cycle management.
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